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Champions and Finalists

Champions and Finalists for the 2017 Mead Cusa Cup Soccer Tournament

Div Champion Finalist
B097v7FiveStarCULM Atletico MadridCrew SC East Gold 1
B107v7FiveStarColumbus Crew SC 2008 Gold PremierCincinnati United B08 AC Milan
B107v7GoldNationals Genesee 08 Boys BlackNKSA B08 PRO
B119v9GoldIndy Premier 07B Elite VictoryTotal Ginga Academy
B129v9GoldLFC 2006 Boys WhiteIndy Premier 06B Elite Victory
B129v9SilverUpper 90 FC 06 Boys RedCUSA Crew SC U12B Gold 2
B1311v11FiveStarCrew SC Pre-Academy 2005Columbus United 05
B1311v11GoldBarcelona United Academy 05BTVSA Santos FC Manchester United B U13
B1311v11SilverNationals Union 05 RedSouthwest SC 05 Gold
B1411v11FiveStarAlliance Cincinnati Elite GoldBarcelona United Academy 04B
B1411v11GoldLou Fusc SC-Wipke 2004LFC 04 Boys Red
B1411v11SilverColumbus United 04 A BoysUFC-MI 04 White
B1511v11FivestarOESA-KY 03 AcademyOhio Celtic Alliance 03 Elite
B1511v11GoldTVSA Santos UnitedFury 2003 Boys
G097v7FiveStarNationals TriCounty Girls 09 BlackCUSE G09 Arsenal
G097v7GoldTeam Challenger 09 BlackCUSA Crew SC U8/U9G Gold
G107v7FiveStarGTFC Impact PremierBSA Celtic 08 White
G107v7GoldCUSE G08' ArsenalCUSE G08 Barcelona
G119v9FiveStarBSA Celtic 07 WhiteTFA ELITE
G119v9GoldKHA Red 07CUSA Crew SC U11G Gold
G119v9SilverIndy Premier 07G Elite VictoryTFA G11U Premier
G129v9FiveStarCUP 06 SOUTHBSA Celtic 06 White
G129v9GoldCUP 06 South IIIndy Premier 06G Elite Victory
G129v9SilverExpress FC 2006 Girls BlueOP Green UA
G1311v11FiveStarCUP 05 NorthCUP 05 South
G1311v11GoldTempesT HeaTOhio Celtic Alliance 05 Black
G1311v11SilverCWSC Academy EliteCUSA Crew SC U13G Gold
G1411v11FiveStarCDA PREMIER 04Tudela Fc 04 girls
G1411v11GoldUnited FC 04 GrOCA Black
G1411v11SilverCUSA Crew SC U14G GoldNKSA G04 PRO
G1511v11FivestarIndy Premier 03G Elite NikeFC London Academy FCLA 03G


Mead Cusa Cup Soccer Tournament
Rob Rudolph, Director P.O. Box 41607 Centerville, OH 45441
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